Author: crlc38

Amazon Takes Echo To The Next Level

The merging of Alexa and your Internet experience appears to be happening as we speak. You know about the “Echo” by Amazon, similar to Google Home (which apparently you can buy at Target, which presumably does not have a similar device). This is the machine that listens for you to say its name then does […]

Your First Paycheck: Explained

You’ve dreamed about this day…the magical one when you receive your first paycheck from your first “real” job. And hopefully you were practical about it, too, so you know how much money you’ll make per pay period (or close to it). But even the most prepared earner can be caught by surprise when that first […]

What Are Fats? Are All Dietary Fats Bad?

Fats are a highly varied macronutrient group and they’re present in both animal and plant-derived foods. At 9 calories per gram, fat is the most dense source of calories required by the human body.[1] However, not all fats are created equally and it’s crucial to pay attention to which types of fat you include in […]